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Multipie Weekly #22: Curated reads for investors

Happy and safe Diwali everyone from Multipie family!✨😄 Multipie app is now live and we have started rolling out invites to our waitlist members. You can download the app by clicking here- for ios, android & web. If you have signed up, you would have either received an invite code already (check your mail please in case you missed) or you can also use the invite code MULTIPIEWEEKLY.

This week we covered the market moves, Breaking investment stereotypes with Nilesh Shah, Interesting quarterly result insights and some curated reads. Happy reading!

1. Market snapshot 

After softness for the last 2 weeks, this week market saw some optimism. Real estate was the top gainer this week i.e. up 9% and it has also performed well in the last 3 years, 1 year and 1-month horizons. 

IT has been the best performing sector in last 2 years i.e. gained 120%. In last week, Industrials, Consumer discretionary & Telecom were up by 4.1%, 3.4% and 2.5% respectively. The only sector which lost was Energy/Oil & gas by 2.3%. 

A very interesting observation from the above chart: if we look at the 3-year horizon microcap’s returns were -3% which has been 70% in the last 1 year. 

2. Breaking Investment Stereotypes with Nilesh Shah

This week on our another episode of “Breaking Investment stereotypes” we hosted a podcast with Nilesh Shah (Managing director of Kotak Mahindra AMC). 

Many crucial topics are discussed here like whether the markets are in a bubble, corrections in small-cap stocks wherein it was explained how “Low float is a moat for existing investors and not for the new ones”. Current markets were also compared with the 2003-08 period, discussed the current situation of the automobile sector and sectors which are well poised to play out this capex cycle. 

We recommend you to watch the podcast here or listen here

3. Interesting weekly result updates:

4. Visuals of the week:

4.1 Observations from sector-wise revenue growth trends

In Q3FY21, Retail, transportation & logistics constituted the highest revenue growth whereas tech was negative. Currently, in Q2FY22, the tech sector’s revenue growth is one of the highest. We can also see the BFSI revenue growth trend improving. 

4.2 Spurting fertilizer & food prices globally

In the above chart, we can see that fertilizer and food price indexes have breached even 2008 levels. This is due to coal shortage (power shortage) and definitely, the repercussions are seen globally. 

4.3 Fate of 20Bn$ worth of Tesla’s stake was decided via twitter poll

According to the Poll results, Elon decides to his sell 10% stake in Tesla. He plans to use this money to eradicate hunger and to get humanity on Mars👀

5. Good reads of the week:

5.1 An interesting articleWell behaved Bubbles Often Make History” and how one should participate in the same. 

5.2  A great piece on “The illusion of skill in investing” and how during a good performance one thinks it to be their skill instead of luck.

5.3 A write up on “10 truths about the stock market”

5.4 A good thread on how doing a buyback and keeping the share price low benefits the company itself by 10kDriver. 

5.5 For  Crypto-Blockchain enthusiasts: A thread on “Don’t jump on the web3 bandwagon without understanding the basics” 

6. Contributor of the week:

There are some great conversations happening on Multipie be it on intellectual investing or learning something new, you always engage and get some interesting personalised answers. 

This week we want to highlight one of the members as our “community contributor of the week”: Abhishek (@abhishek408) for being actively interacting and sharing some excellent insights on our platform. 

That’s all for this week. Please share with your peers if you found this helpful and subscribe to start receiving the weekly digest in your mail! Happy weekend!

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