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Indian home loan market to double; Decline in alcohol prices in Punjab; Difficulties in switching from fossil & EPFO investment limit increase to 25%

This week we cover Indian home loan market to double in 5 years, Why Punjab reduced alcohol prices, Difficulties in switching to EV’s/renewable energy easily and EPFO investment to increase to 25%; followed by what’s trending in markets and curated good reads . 1. Indian home loan market to double…

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The Nickel trade – A Chinese billionaire and a big short trade

Hello👋 This week, we covered the Market snapshot, how one trade by a Chinese Billionaire led to a ~230% increase in global nickel prices within just 2 days- which led to trade suspension because of margin calls, followed by what else is trending in markets & curated reads. 1. Market…

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Multipie Weekly #28 Curated reads for investors

Hello👋This week we covered- Market snapshot, Will the apparent value unlocking opportunity in ITC, unlock the value; followed by interesting visuals & curated reads. 1. Market snapshot Last week, IT was the only sector which gained and this might be possibly due to outstanding results by US IT company- Accenture…

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