Investing is an ignored life skill. Let’s change that!

Investing is simpler than you are made to think. It gets easier with a community, the right tools and unbiased advice.

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What are we building

Multipie is a community to learn, share and collaborate in a trusted environment.


  • Share opinions, hear others, learn.
  • Engage with peers, experts, grow your tribe.


  • Easy to use filters.
  • Complex data broken down into simple charts.


  • Unbiased advice.
  • AI ML led advisory supplemented by human touch.

About Us


Our Culture & Values

We are aware that culture evolves. But we also think that basic principles on which organisations get built never change. We believe that there is so much to learn from others so we have not held ourselves from emulating from some of the best practices around us. We want everyone to question actions inconsistent with our values.

We believe in working with people who can improve our average on drive and curiosity. Responsible individuals who thrive on freedom and are worthy of freedom.


Our core values are

  • Do what’s best for organisation...at all times: We do what’s best for the organization overall not for yourself not for your group.
  • Do what’s best for consumer...at all times: We are here for the long term and we believe doing what best for customers is a great long term strategy.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Our integrity is of top notch and we never compromise on ethics.
  • Move with urgency and focus: You will also be surrounded by exceptionally motivated, driven people. They span a diverse range of life circumstances, values, and working styles.
  • Think rigorously: We care about being right and it often takes reasoning from first principles to get there.
  • Trust and amplify, disagree but commit: We overtrust and we’re okay with that. Always assume positive intent. If you disagree with something, speak out. But commit to anything that is good for the organization.
  • Optimism: When considering ideas, we think “how might it work?” is more interesting than “why will it fail?”.

A team of senior finance professionals having run profitable businesses at some of the large institutions like Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Indostar Capital Finance. Together we bring in 56 years of experience among us.


Rajkumar Singhal

  • 24 years with BAML, ex-Country Executive for South East Asia
  • IIT (BHU), IIM-C

Sandeep Baid

  • Advisor to DSP Family Office
  • Founding member and ex MD of Indostar Capital
  • ex-Head Debt Capital Markets BAML
  • IIM-C

Mihir Patki

  • Director at CVK Advisors
  • ex-BAML, JM Financial, Deloitte
  • CA, CFA, FRM
  • MBA - University of Oxford