Health Insurance

Ever heard of people using all the family’s savings for medical expenses in times of emergencies?

Healthcare costs have shot up 150% in the last 10 years with a typical bill of 50,000 towards hospitalisation at an average hospital.

Such situations can be avoided.

Health insurance provides a lifetime cover on hospitalization expenses. In case you or any family members covered under the policy is hospitalized, the health insurance company covers the hospital bills

Here is why health insurance is beneficial

1. Comprehensive Coverage - Covers not only the hospital bills but pre + post hospitalisation costs
2. Lifetime Renewability - without any upper restriction on the maximum age limit
3. Tax Saving u/s 80D up to 25,000 (25,000/50,000 for Senior Citizens)
4. Period health checkups - save big on your preventive health check-ups
5. Cashless Treatments at leading hospitals

Things to know when choosing a plan
1. Benefit vs Premium - cheapest plan is not always the most effective one. Choose sufficient coverage
2. Exclusions and Co-Pay - check what is not covered and are there additional payments involved
3. Rent Limits - lookout for the upper cap on rents and coverage expenses
4. Waiting Period - timeline after which coverage is provided for certain treatments
5. Network Hospitals - convenience as they allow cashless treatment to the insured
6. Claim Process - smoother the claim process, better for the insured

Why health insurance online?

1. Utmost Ease 

2. Saves Time 

3. Saves Money

4. 24*7 availability

5. Dedicated Advisor

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