#Data #Retailshareholding Companies seen highest increase in count of retail shareholders in last 1.5 years

Have already covered Vaibhav, Arti, Laurus in some of my old tweets

Sakar is one company recently heavily circulated in social media. So, interested to track its fate

Karda - Someone asked me to look at it saying its a very interesting story, but above story creates

Kelton will end up sucking in more gullible retail

Sadbhav infra - no comments, may be some more will have old lessons, let us see

Globus, Subex - Hmmmm

Neuland - Still, surprised at 2700 to 1500 correction?

Techno - Noted mylord

Key to understand is velocity of change and
price behavior to identify euphoria, top, panic, bottom

Disclaimer: This is an act of generalization with probability wise significance but can always have specific cases not going with general analysis