Sharing my plan, pls give feedback #takecharge

Monthly Income 100
Monthly expenses: 50% of income
Savings- 1500 all in fixed deposits

1. My goals- Emergency Fund, Renovation of my house in 6 years

2. I think i am a conervative investor because I am not comfortable seeing everyday ups and downs in my portfolio

3. I ll keep aside 720 as emergency funds (12 months of my monthly expenses)..will invest 780 out of my total savings of 1500 so far in equity: debt in proportion of 40:60

4. In equity I think I will go for mutual funds because I dont have time to look at shares. But just to learn I ll buy some large cap stocks.

In fixed income category, I ll continue with my fds majorly. But I have heard debt mutual funds also offer good returns, any suggestions where I can park a small amount?

I ll also invest my monthly surplus of 50 in equity:debt ratio of 40:60.

5. I ll rebalance my portfolio when there is 20% movement in equity portfolio.