Sharing my plan:

Step1: My current position
Age 26
Let’s say my monthly income is 100
Each month expense- 40 (including EMIs of car loan & term insurance)
Savings of 600

My goals:
Short term- Foreign trip in 3 years
Long term- Retirement in 35 years

Step 2: Risk profile
Large chunk of my goals i.e. retirement is long term & I have no major liabilities till now so I consider myself to be an aggressive investor.

Step 3: Asset allocation
I will invest my savings of 600 in proportion- Equities: Debt/gold: Crypto 80%:10%:10%

Step 4:
In equities: I invest directly in co’s more in small-midcaps & planning to start SIP in international mutual funds- NASDAQ of Motilal and Offshore China fund of Edelweiss

In debt/Gold: In corporate bonds, PPF & Gold ETF

In Crypto: A mix of Bitcoin, Dogecoin etc.

Step 5: Rebalancing
I rebalance my portfolio only when there is a 15% in my equity portfolio

Does anyone in the multipie community have feedback from me?