There are few features that are critical to a health insurance plan, for which you should not compromise whatsoever. They are;

1. No co-payment - Insurer should bear all costs related to hospitalization
2. No disease wise -sublimits - All diseases should be covered without any limits wrt its cost or coverage
3. Pre & Post hospitalization - Though covered on a reimbursement basis , but good insurers will cover all expenses including OPD , diagnostics , labs before & after related to your Rx
4. No room rent restrictions - The description says it all
5. Low Waiting Period - Most important if you have a PED
6.No claim bonus - Your insurer should reward you for every claim free year you have
7. Restoration benefits - Your balance should be restored even if you exhaust it partially or fully
8. Day care Procedures - Which require less than 24hrs admission

Does your health plan cover all these benefits?

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