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I am asked why am I invested in $KPIT Technologies Ltd - some thoughts, open to feedback.

1. A car is becoming more "software" than hardware & I believe KPIT is the highest capability play in the autonomous car & EV technologies (70% revenue from innovative tech such as ADAS, EV, powertrain, and infotainment). Tata Elxsi is not strong here.

2. Industry growth: Engg. services (ER&D) is growing at 3x traditional IT. Global OEMs are outsourcing more. Auto is the largest sub-segment.

3. Top notch acquisitions: Integrated capabilities via Microfuzzy (won the BMW order post this), Pathfinder and now Future Mobility. I'll why these are big later.

4. Optionality in Hydrogen tech: In short, KPIT is integrated play on Hydrogen tech - designed and tested first Hydrogen Fuel cell car in India. Even demonstrated Hydrogen generation from agri residue (biomass). Read
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Abhishek Murarka

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The broader points is $KPIT Technologies Ltd is building a complete mobility ecosystem for the coming EV and autonomous decade.

On the acquisitions:
1. - Extremely high capability. know how in embedded, cloud, AI via Qualcomm.

2. Microfuzzy: Capability in e-powertrain, key in EV tech.

3. Future Mobility: KPIT acquired 25% in Sep 25, to acquire majority in phases by FY23. Founded by Prof Harry Wagner (considered a guru in Automotive AI and Mobility). If he is helping on the AI part to KPIT, I am excited by all the possibilities.

Few reads:
1. Annual report Chairman letter:



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