This post is not to discourage or hurt anyone's sentiments but to be cautious. Part 1/2


šŸ‘‰ Inflation was never a Problem Before Like it is Now. It is at 42-years High of 9.10% - Nearly 4 times above the Fed's Target of 2%( Actual Inflation might Be in Double Digits Above 15%)

šŸ‘‰ Stock Market were Never as humongously overvalued before as they are Now. Refer Market cap/Gdp Ratio

šŸ‘‰ Just like Mother Nature , Economics and Stock Market Should be Allowed to function freely. Else we see the Earthquakes and Tsunamis. FED cannot Print endlessly and Make people Rich, This will have an ugly End.

šŸ‘‰ *Japan is 30% Below its 1989 Highs- More than 3 F** Decades Investors waiting ā³ To get back the Invested Money !!

šŸ‘‰ China is 45% below its 2007 Highs - More than a decade and Investors do not even have 50% Left of What they Invested !!

šŸ‘‰ If the above is not an eye šŸ‘€ Opener - I wonder What !!