Netflix's ad tier proposition : (talks about moats and confidence)

🖊️ Initially, service will not have any third-party attribution. It also will have limited targeting ability: Advertisers will be able to buy against Netflix’s top 10 most-viewed TV series and against some content genres. But for the first phase of the ad tier’s rollout, Netflix will not serve ads based on geography (except by country), age, gender, viewing behavior or time of day.

🖊️Netflix’s ad-supported tier will have an ad load of about 4 minutes per hour for series. For movies, the streamer will run pre-roll ads, according to sources. Netflix is setting frequency caps (how often an ad spot may be served to individual viewers) of one per hour and three per day per viewer, which are relatively low by industry standards.

🖊️ Initial bid Netflix has offered is "soft $65 CPM" (cost per thousand). For reference, average industry rate is $20CPM and superbowl's rate was $56CPM