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Multipie Weekly #16: Curated reads for investors

Hello, this week we covered how telecom companies are responding to reforms and have interpreted “the Fed-meet with our view on that”, along with some curated reads. Happy reading! 1. Market snapshot – Sensex over 60,000; Nifty near 18,000 Market cheered the move of Sensex into the 60s and now…

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Multipie Weekly #13: Curated reads for investors

Welcome to the 17th edition (13th on blog) of our weekly newsletter. Topics for this week include our market snapshot, thoughts on the National Asset Monetisation Pipeline, highlights from Edelweiss’ Small and Midcap model portfolio, some dope career advise, good reads and more. If you are finding these helpful, please…

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How to approach small cap and mid cap allocation in your equity portfolio now?

Small caps and mid caps are the darlings of the market again and outperforming the index stocks. Let’s examine the performance of small cap index over the last 5 years: NIFTY small cap saw a one-way rally from 4,900 levels in April 2016 to 9,580 by Dec 2017. This was followed…

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