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Breaking Investment Stereotypes

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Multipie Weekly #19 Curated reads for investors

Morning everyone! It’s a happy festive weekend, but we got you covered on some key insights and developments from the week. We have an important personal update – Multipie app is now live and ...

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Electricity Amendment Bill, 2021 – A simplified explainer

In a recent interview with Udayan Mukherjee, the big bull Rakesh Jhunjhunwala made an interesting bold statement – “I think nobody has read the Electricity (Amendment) Bill. Once it passes...

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How to approach small cap and mid cap allocation in your equity portfolio now?

Small caps and mid caps are the darlings of the market again and outperforming the index stocks. Let’s examine the performance of small cap index over the last 5 years: NIFTY small cap saw a one...

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China’s Crackdown on its Tech sector – Understanding from 9 Vantage Points

Unless you are living under a rock, chances are you have heard about China’s regulatory crackdown on its tech sector. In our last weekly, we covered China’s tech regulations in brief. In t...

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